Canada tops as one of the countries which are frequented by tourists annually. Its scenic features such as lakes, mountains, landscapes, forests and the friendly people make it stand out. Other than the attractions to see while in Canada, another area of interest in cities such as Alberta, is the restaurant and hotel industry that is thriving in the country. This website delves into the other side of Canada that is rarely explored; the places to eat and sleep.

Best Restaurants

Alberta has a large number of restaurants which serve different demographics. For people wanting to go on a quiet date, to those who are in a mood to party and are looking for loud music, drinks and casinos, there is always something for everyone. On this informative website, you will find a list of the best restaurants in Alberta and what they have on their menu. The list spreads across preferences, location and the meals you are likely to get in each restaurant.

There is also a list of Michelin starred restaurants in Alberta, and these are establishments that have been reviewed by the best critics in the industry, and the verdict is out on how they performed.

For people in Calgary, there is another extensive list of the places residents and visitors can go to if they want to have tasty food or drinks.

Learning How to Cook

Once you visit the restaurants in Canada and taste their unique food, chances are that you may want to learn how to cook the dishes yourself. As much as the internet has many recipes and ingredient suggestions, sometimes the best thing to do is learn face to face from the people who are masters of the trade. In this website, you will get guidance on the best cooking schools in Alberta, and what makes them stand out. There will also be information on how to register for the classes, and how long the courses take. Reading on how to cook can be your inspiration to move your cooking hobby into something more significant, such as a business entity.

Canadian Cuisine

Every country has some excellent meals which are unique to them. This is true even for the Canadians, and some of their traditional cuisines have become popular across the world. This website will lay down those meals, tell you what is in them, how they are prepared, and what makes them so special. You will find a list of meals, and discover the origin of some of your favourite items in the kitchen, such as maple syrup that can be found in many households all over the world.

This site will teach you all there is to know about Canada and food. You will have the information you need on where to eat, how to cook, and the attractions which make Canada worth visiting.