Many people who visit Alberta leave with memories of the scenery, which consists of beautiful landscapes, mountains and lakes. For travellers, Alberta is more than the wonderful work of nature. Several outstanding restaurants will give you an experience that you will remember even after you have left Alberta. Some of the best-known restaurants in Alberta are as follows.

Nourish Bistro

This restaurant is mostly preferred by vegetarians who are looking for delicious meals. They have a wide range of vegetarian dishes, ranging from snacks to meals. The ingredients they use are natural, and they have the option of customising meals to fit individual needs. Other than vegetarian meals, Nourish Bistro also has meat dishes and drinks that they serve in their modern establishment.

Balkan Restaurant

This restaurant is known for its Greek food, soothing background music and friendly waiters. Every Tuesday and Thursday, the Balkan Restaurant spices things up by inviting Greek dancers to entertain guests. If you visit on those days, you will also experience the traditional smashing of plates against the wall; an act which is borrowed from the Greek culture.

Century Casino

This is for people who want to gamble and at the same time, visit a good restaurant. The restaurant at the Century Casino has a variety of food and drinks which caters for different preferences. Whether you are a vegetarian or if you love your meat, you will definitely find something to eat. Due to the large number of hungry tourists from different countries who visit the restaurant at the Century Casino, the menu spreads across different regions. You should know that there is no such thing as a free lunch, but there are free spins for people who want to bet as they eat.

Trough Dining Co

If you are looking for wine, good ambience and well-cooked ribs, then the Trough Dining Co is your place to be. It is famed for its large selection of wines which range from high end to budget-friendly. Their attention to detail can be spotted from the exquisite glasses they use to serve their guests. When it comes to food, they provide both light dishes for those who want something to nibble on as they sip their drinks, and they also have the more substantial meals, such as meat and fish, for people who want a good feast before they descend on their glasses.

Lakeview Lounge

As the name suggests, the Lakeview Lounge is a restaurant which gives visitors a chance to dine while they get a brilliant view of Lake Louise. Additionally, they will also have a chance to see the Victoria Glacier, which is a great tourist attraction. The menu is rich, and if you visit in the summer, you can treat yourself to the many cocktails and iced tea options that they serve.