Calgary is home to internationally acclaimed restaurants which serve a variety of meals and drinks. It does not matter whether you are a tourist visiting Calgary for the first time, or if you are a resident who wants to explore and know the city more. You can be sure of finding some of the best cuisines in Calgary. Places that you must visit are as follows.

The Pad Thai

From the name, you probably know that this is a restaurant which serves Thai food. It is owned by a genuine Thai family who prides in serving original Asian cuisine. Their menu has a range of meals, including vegetarian dishes. Their price range is average, and they have been rated as having outstanding service.

Avec Bistro

This restaurant is famed for the wine list which draws its origin in France. The ambience of the diner, and how the drinks are prepared to tease the palate, is what draws more people into Avec Bistro. They are well known for their short ribs and steak, but they also have several dishes that the chef can customise on demand.

Grey Eagle Casino Restaurant

If you want to party, eat and then party some more, then this is where you should spend your time when you are in Calgary. The restaurant is near the casino, so it gives gamblers the right environment to place their bets without worrying about where they will eat. When it comes to the menu, the Grey Eagle Casino Restaurant has a large variety of dishes to choose from, including grilled food, drinks and snacks.

Alforno Bakery and Cafe

This restaurant is loved mostly by people on the move, who want to grab a quick meal and hit the road. Their choice of snacks includes freshly baked cookies and other confectioneries. Other than baked goods, the restaurant has meals which can be enjoyed along with their freshly brewed coffee. People love their pasta and rice dishes.

Escoba Bistro and Wine Bar

A visit to their Instagram page will walk you down the lane of what it takes for a restaurant to master its business. They take food seriously, and their meat dishes have people drooling and asking for more. They also have a wine section which has a select list from white to red. Whatever you want to eat or drink, you can be sure that Escoba has it.

Anju Restaurant

This is for people who love Korean food. Whether you order their tofu or gochujang, you will surely feel the joys of eating food which has been well prepared. The chilled out environment makes it a good place for people who are on a date and are looking for the perfect place to whisper sweet nothings to each other, as they devour delicious food.