When the country of Canada is mentioned, most people think about the expansive and beautiful lakes, high mountains, and different sporting activities. Well, there is more to Canada than the beauty of the land. Once you taste their traditional dishes, you will probably not want to eat anything else for a long period. The foods which make Canada great are as follows.


This is a type of flatbread whose origin is in Scotland but is quite popular in Canada. Bannock is made from wheat flour, baking powder, oil and some sugar. It can be eaten for breakfast with a little peanut butter or jam spread on it or dipped in a stew for dinner. It is a relatively easy meal to make, and the preparation time is less than an hour.


You are unlikely to meet any native Canadian who does not know how to prepare poutine. This meal is considered to be the national dish of Canada. It is made of three main things; cheese curds, fries and gravy. It can also be served with other food such as chicken, pork and beef on the side. Most restaurants in Canada serve poutine.

Butter Tarts

For people with a sweet tooth, butter tarts prepared by Canadians will be the perfect treat. They are made of pastry shells which are hard and crumbly on the outside, with a filling of sugar, butter and egg on the inside. You will find butter tarts in major supermarkets, and hotels that serve confectioneries.

Maple Syrup

Anytime you pour maple syrup on your pancake, you should thank the Canadians. In Quebec, almost 90 per cent of all the maple syrup used all over the world is made there, making Canada a big contributor to the use of maple syrup. The Canadians use it to drizzle over cakes, for baking, and adding on fruit.


These pastries are made by deep frying dough which has been flattened to take the shape of the tail of the beaver (hence the name). To make it have more flavour, the Canadians add chocolate, cinnamon and sugar. BeaverTails were an invention of a Canadian couple who first made them on a small scale, before passing the recipe down to the family who decided to make them as a business.

Montreal Smoked Meat

Anyone who has tasted Montreal smoked meat will admit that it tastes unique compared to what many people consider its equivalent; the New York pastrami. This smoked meat is made by curing beef and then salting it. Montreal smoked meat is served by being placed in the middle of rye bread and having a generous amount of mustard plastered on it. You can find this meal in most restaurants, especially those which sell sandwiches.