What Are Michelin Stars?

In the world of fine dining and exquisite cuisine, Michelin stars are considered to be the holy grail. It is tough for a restaurant to attain just one, let alone three Michelin stars and be recognized the world over as a top rated establishment.

As mentioned earlier, there are three stars to be attained; for the first one, the restaurant has to be recognized as the best in its category. For example, if it is a seafood restaurant, it must be seen as one of the best in this category. The second star is attained when the restaurant is “worth a detour.” The final, and most difficult, one to achieve is only bestowed on a restaurant when it can make a diners’ visit an exceptional experience. The cuisine has to be of such a high standard that it leaves a lasting impression and everyone awestruck by the experience.

What drives the attainment of Michelin stars are usually the world-class chefs who work at these restaurants. The majority of the chefs travel far and wide to places such as Asia and Europe to attend the best culinary art schools. It also helps when the soon to be great chefs learn from Michelin star holders to enhance their knowledge. Some of the most celebrated Michelin star holders include Alain Ducasse who has 21 stars and was the first person to own a three-star Michelin restaurant. Other noteworthy chefs include Gordon Ramsay who has 16 stars, and Carme Ruscalleda, who remains the only female to have obtained seven stars.

From the quality of these restaurants, it is clear that they are sought after by foodies, critics and people who are trying to impress clients or their partners. Being held in such esteem, in some of these restaurants, it is challenging to get a table. For example, El Celler de Can Roca, which is located in Spain is one such restaurant. Reservations for this elegant restaurant open around midnight on the first day of the month. These reservations are usually opened at least eleven months prior. To make a reservation here, you can either do it online or use your mobile to make a booking.

Currently, there are no Michelin star restaurants in Alberta, Canada. One might think that they do not exist because Canada has no good food, but this is actually the opposite. Restaurant owners are happy about the decision because this allows them to reinvent Canadian cuisine and come up with new and exciting ideas, which are hip, as opposed to the typical “white table cloth dining.” Daniel Burns, who is a renowned Canadian chef, stated that the absence of the Michelin Guide has allowed Canadian cuisine to ‘grow in a modern and eclectic way.’